Awakening: Spirit Lodge with Ama White Owl

Shamaness aglow, glowing


Our personal journeys define the possibilities and the context in which we awaken. But to what do we awaken?

In the midst of global turmoil, do we awaken politically, economically, socially? Does political interest define awakening? Economics? Social norms? Does the world define our awakening?

Or do other parts of us awaken? Do we awaken in our souls? In spirit? If so, where and how?

Shapeshifting into a White Owl

Celtic, Persian,

the Shamaness Awaits

Spirit Lodge

A mystical place, Spirit Lodge, a place of Spirit, a Mystery School in Spirit, to which I travel, accessed through the shamaness with whom I live, and for whom I ponder in recollections and reflections.

Spirit, Soul, Body – Three aspects of Self.

Spirit, where we originate as divine intent. Soul, the accumulated experiences of multiple lifetimes. Body, this lifetime, poses as mind. Body-mind.

Each aspect alive and living though we function in this world primarily within our body-minds, within our human selves who tend to disconnect from Soul and Spirit.

In Soul, accumulated conflicts, unresolved issues and beliefs simmer. In Body, amidst a propagandized world, our minds resist nature. Unable to penetrate knowing, human selves act upon beliefs birthed in disconnected chaos.

In the heart of the shamaness

Spirit, Soul and Body stream seamlessly

The White Owl is Ama

Without a shamaness to guide us and to reconnect us to Soul and Spirit, to what will our disconnected human selves awaken?

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