Beyond Comprehension; Installment II

Horizontal vs. Vertical

The tasks and responsibilities of daily life require seeming “horizontal” focus of attention. Pressures, especially horizontal financial pressures, disconnect humanity from “vertical” soul purposes (individual and ancestral) and broader-based spiritual perspectives and realities. The horizontal worldwide usury-based private currency system opposes development of and reliance upon vertical spiritual resources.

Moral Certitude

As an outgrowth of the worldwide usury-based private currency system, limitless capital accumulation is the highest right and moral duty. (Leo Strauss, Natural Right and History)

The following represents the fulfillment of the same moral certitude by the same entities that own the worldwide usury-based private currency system:

  • Globalization
  • The Global War on Terror and Terrorism
  • Privatization
  • Austerity Campaigns
  • Wars Without End
  • Destabilization and Regime Change
  • Control of and Commoditizing of all Human Activity, and
  • The Destruction of Law and Natural Resources

Horizontal Economics: Overview of the Architecture

Of these horizontal (non-spiritual) phenomena be known;

1)   The British Law of 1666 (II Charles, c.5), also known as The Free Coinage Act provides the legal (not lawful) underpinnings of the worldwide usury-based private currency system in which banker/elite partnerships/corporate entities known commonly as countries (the United States, the UK, France and all other national identities) issue IOUs disguised as dollars, euros, pounds, francs, etc.

2)   The Bank of England, established in 1694 to issue the above usury-based private currency within the banker/elite partnership/corporate entity known as the British Empire, became the model for similar implementation (The Bank of France, The Federal Reserve, etc.) within other banker/elite partnership/corporate entities (France, the United States, etc.).

3)   Supposed National and Global Indebtedness represent the collective, historical issue and continual rollover of those IOUs.

4)   Inflation, Booms and Bubbles represent the expansionary issue of the above IOUs.

5)   Periodic Recessions, Depressions and Austerity Measures represent debt-calls on the same IOUs.

6)   The effects and seemingly unrelated consequences of the worldwide usury-based private currency system accompany horizontal thought and action.

7)   Because the invisible owners of the worldwide usury-based private currency system participate in every human exchange, horizontal groupthink prevails.

8)   Horizontal groupthink produces consensus.

9)   That consensus shapes and colors seeming reality.

10)   That seeming reality represents distortions of the human mind, soul purpose and spiritual intent.

Preview: Installment III

In contrast to limitless capital accumulation, another more powerful force resounds through the cosmos to realign the minds, soul purposes and spiritual intents of all sentience.


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