Beyond Comprehension; Installment IV ~ The Natural World, Extends

The natural world extends into the cosmos, is the cosmos, is the universe.

As the Cosmos and the Universe

Pre-patriarchal traditions recognized that magical and spiritual powers called mana, wakonda, dema, deva and other names animated the Earth and charged nature.

By referencing these powers as names, early cultures observed personality within the powers, imagined in the form of a Goddess, not as an off-planet male God.

In Old Egypt, she was Isis-Hathor: Oldest of the Old. She was the Goddess from whom all Becoming arose. She was the Great Lady, Mistress of Shelter, Mistress of Heaven, Mistress of the House of Life, Mistress of the Divine Word.

The Power of the Cosmos, the Power of the Universe

The word sacred originates from the Sanskrit root sak-, “to be powerful”.

Whatever supports something must be more powerful than that which it supports. In the same way, the natural world (which supports life) is more powerful than any species (including human) woven into the web of Nature.

That act of support is sacred.

To the Indigenous

In another view of the same phenomenon, the Blackfeet tribes of Montana perceive the Sun as an other-than-human person and as an animating life principle.

The Blackfeet pray not to the Sun as a static process (the Western view) but to a being with personality whose presence lightens the world (Dolores LaChapelle, Sacred Land, Sacred Sex, Rapture of the Deep, citing Jay Vest, p. 124).

Among indigenous peoples, the various tribes and nations are children of the Great Mother. The ancient Celts considered themselves the Tuatha de Danaan, “Children of Dana,” the primordial Mother Goddess who gave her name to the River Danube.

The Animating Personality

If life flows from these animating powers that possess personality, the human condition (horizontal) does not limit consciousness. Instead, a living, sentient, more powerful conscious organism – the cosmos, the universe, the entirety of the natural world, a living personality (the vertical) – animates the Earth and all species including humanity.

Artists and Poets, Doers of the Unimaginable and Tesla

In tapping into the animating personality, artists and poets, doers of the unimaginable and Tesla access a precious dose of nous, or “divine knowing, the sacred.”

That knowing manifests among humans, plants, minerals and animals. When we perceive feelings in plants and animals, rocks and stones, we do not anthropomorphize.

To the contrary, we share in commonality the “divine knowing, the sacred.”

In that sharing, we align with the vertical, the source and support of all life.

In recognizing source, the seed of divine intelligence unfolding amongst the natural world, among all living beings, we participate in the intent of the animating personality.

In Opposition/The Horizontal

In hopeless opposition to “divine knowing, the sacred”, in direct contrast to the power of the animating personality, a carefully crafted, rigidly enforced program of consensus reality emphasizes limitless “horizontal” accumulation of privately owned debt-based currency. Diverting human imagination from “divine knowing, the sacred” separates humanity from nature and the natural world.

That separation reveals a contrasting intent in which the effects of consensus reality produce extreme, non-sensical environments and living conditions that oppose “divine knowing, the sacred.”

~ ~ ~

Preview: Installment V

The limitless “horizontal” accumulation of privately owned debt-based currency + consensus reality = Group Mind/Group Think.



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