Beyond Comprehension; Installment V ~ The Limitless

Installment V: The limitless “horizontal” accumulation of privately owned debt-based currency + Group Mind/Group Think = Consensus Reality.

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Transforming Privately Issued Debt into Publicly Administered Debt Loads

Not through dictatorship that forces singular will unto masses but through democracy, a surer, more-long-lasting hand that transfers privately incurred debt (national monetary stocks at compounding interest) onto a nation’s supposed ownership, the people. Ceaseless collections of that compounding interest (the effects of privately-owned currency lent onto an unsuspecting public) occur through wide ranges of taxation, licensing, fees and payment of deflated wages via taxation, licensing, fees for inflated goods and services including necessary assets (housing, public works, etc.).

In fictions (mass media, religion, education, etc.), familial hierarchical owners of the privately held currency system train the people to believe a basic untruth (the superiority of democracy to other forms of government and/or self-rule) necessary to sustain unrelenting collections of compounding interest.

The Enactment of Moral Certitude

By transferring privately incurred debt onto and collecting that debt in various forms from the masses, familial hierarchies, close associates and corporate-oriented participants feed from an expanding public trough (the issue of private currency necessary to maintain seeming reality). In doing so, they avow Strauss’s principle;

limitless capital accumulation is the highest right and moral duty.

In Reaction

Protests, Mass Movements, Resistance, Rebellions represent horizontal phenomena, easily marginalized and if attaining critical mass, easily infiltrated and destroyed from within.

In Support/The People/Group Mind/Group Think

Once marginalized, Protests, Mass Movements, Resistance and Rebellion disassemble. Participants, lured by the alternative (as promoted by mass media, religion, education, etc.), seek opportunities to accumulate capital. The same moral certitude that empowers the elite “trickles down” to the people.

Consensus Reality

The limitless “horizontal” accumulation of privately owned debt-based currency + Group Mind/Group Think = Consensus Reality.


In the “horizontal”, approaching tyranny is unstoppable. In the widest sense, every horizontal action and thought contributes to and empowers the same tyranny.


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Dr. John McMurty, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, Canada and An Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


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