Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Artists in Today’s World ~ James Joyce

Acknowledging James (Joyce)

Once upon a time and oh it was not such a very good time when the coins rubbed bare and the catholic church was coming across the ocean and this catholic church coming across the ocean discarded what Irenaeus wrote about the tears of the goddess and said oh you act differently than us and you look different than us and we want you to become like us so we will enslave you and torture you and kill you so you will find gold for us that will become new coins for us and we will forget what Irenaeus wrote about the horror of the goddess and we will become the Catholic Church that will give you penance and hail marys and our fathers and you will become like us and you will celebrate our feast days and our lord and become worshippers and we will give you our final rites and will make you disavow your traditions and your languages to become like us and we will go back and forth across the ocean and through the sky to proclaim our lord and enslave and torture and kill all peoples until only those that believe and worship and give us gold remain, remain and are the remainder of those who forgot that Irenaeus knew that the tears of the goddess became the oceans and when the horror of the goddess will come.

— Oh Stephen D. will surely apologize, I wrote wrote, rote-ly, askin dancing magician words, the three of diamonds, abra, abra, abra, plunging into my Portrait, as A Young though I don’t know me and how could I father father Unsure Man, Stephen will take all that back, will re-write all that surely then in that world did but not then now in this world no not no…

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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