Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Artists in Today’s World ~ Carson McCullers

Acknowledging Carson (McCullers)

The world itself had become dreary in a way unrecognizable as dreariness. Even in the south, the towns had gotten fat. Everyone got a new kitchen and real wood cabinets from the miles and miles of forest that made the dollar bills that said Federal Reserve Note.

Unlike the old days when towns were estranged from on another, each in its birthing and dying, the new places buzz along electronically, connecting to one another, all with the same news and weather, a kind of splash that hides the dreariness and inevitable doom.

No one really has anything to do of meaning and truth. Spread that across the towns and villages and cities of the world and dreariness takes hold and the sunsets and sunrises tell the same story.

When the Federal Reserve Notes and all the other Notes go away, everyone sees the dreariness and wonders about the doom.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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