Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Artists in Today’s World ~ George Orwell

Acknowledging George (Orwell)

On the surface, the drift was barely noticeable. The War Department became the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense became the Ministry of Humanitarian Intervention. The Ministry of Humanitarian Intervention became The Empowerment.

The same transformation occurred within the production and identification of goods and money. Foreign trade, imports and exports, hard goods, soft goods, currency swaps, foreign carry, fractional reserve banking, all financial institutions, debits, credits, quantitative easing, gold, silver and bailouts became known as “BB Brand Goods” or “BB Brand Financial”.

The same was true for the terms people, individuals, names, nicknames, human being/s, human/s, humanity, indigenous, urban, rural, any form of ie such as yuppie, hippie, any occupation related moniker such as doctor, lawyer, teacher, farmer, entertainer and so on and generic individual or group identifiers such as I, you, me, he, him, she, her, them, us, they. The new term “ONE” replaced all previous references.

Because the terms “BB Brand Goods” and “BB Brand Financial” were inclusive, the ONE could never be sure what products or services were available and/or even referred to in “BB Brand Publications”, “BB Brand Catalogs” or “BB Brand Interfaces” (stores, shops, financial institutions). In time, demand for all products and services shriveled and eventually ceased.

Initially, numerical markers coded by “BB Brand Birth Certificates” and monetized by “BB Brand Financial” provided individual identity within “ONE”.  For instance, the numerical marker ONEBBBFMBF3B333mm, 292K,473 would refer to “BB Brand Financial Monetized Birth Certificate” 3 Billion, 333 million, 292 thousand, four hundred and seventy three.

Because The Empowerment required the ONE to use coded by “BB Brand Birth Certificates” and monetized “BB Brand Financial” numerical markers in all verbal and written interactions and electronic communications, conversation and correspondence amongst individual identities became burdensome and ineffective.

In time, conversation, interaction and exchanges of all types evaporated.

Before the drift, Winston found a mantra that read, It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage.

After the drift, the mantra read;

“BB Brand Mantra ONE”

By becoming “BB Brand ONE”, you carry on.


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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