Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Artists in Today’s World ~ Stella Adler

Acknowledging Stella (Adler)

You’re not actors. You’re interpreters. If you’re going to do Greek Theatre, study Greek architecture, Greek food, the robbery in Greece, the privatization. In today’s world, all starts with Greece.

Is there an actor, is there an interpreter big enough to tell the truth about today’s world?

Analyze, Imagine, Perform.

There, in front of your eyes, someone, some THING opposes the earth, remakes the world. In front of your eyes!

Who can tell that story?

O’Neill? Could he? No. Odets, Williams? No, not them. The bard? Miller? Neither them. To tell the story, you must live the story, not shrink from the story, not go away from the story. Stop playing a part in the story.

In America, actors “partake” with government to tell something not true. Zero Dark Thirty, Argo. That’s their story. Writers and intellectuals tell false stories. By who’s hand? For what gain? Don’t play those parts.

To tell true stories, Analyze, Imagine, Perform.

Perform with your words. Perform with your actions. Tell the story that IS happening. O’Neill, Odets, Williams, the bard, Miller, Chekhov, Ibsen told the stories of their times. Brando interpreted the story of his time. Tell the story of your time. To tell truthfully, become big. Interpret. Make your words and your actions BIG!

A THING colder than The Iceman freezes your imagination. Why bow to it? Something worse than A Streetcar Named Desire tracks you. Willy Loman labors to match the challenge you face.

Go back to the Greeks. What happens there is the first part of YOUR story.

Analyze the theft. Analyze privatization. All your currencies are debt-based. What does that mean? Lent into circulation by corporations posing as national governments. Imagine what that means. Imagine that for moment. Accept that as a performer.

On stage, we accept not reject what is given. If what I’ve told you is would true, what would your world look like? What would you be trained to believe?

Imagine this. Compound interest compounding transfers productivity, sets the rules, makes untruths. That is your world. Your story is in that. Would those who take, tell you? What would they do? How would they cover their theft? Imagine the art of a sleight of hand magician. Which way do they make you look?

At the trick or at the deceit?

What really would they hide from you? Theft? Of what? Productivity, goods and services? Or something more? Something spiritual. Imagine. Why such war against the earth? What do your mythologies say? Who stole the fire?

Imagine the work of debt. Flash forward to Cyprus. Imagine more deeply. Now, you know what’s coming. As a performer, accept. To perform truthfully, accept. YOU, YOU, YOU.  Yes, coming to your life.

When you accept, you will see.

You will pay for private water, private air and your accounts will be raided. Perform your words and your actions until you become true.

Go to Spirit and you will be more true.

To become most truthful, go to the indigenous. Before Greece, before Cyprus, this THING was a thief. That theft is in front of your eyes. Go to Spirit and you will be true.

Analyze, Imagine, Perform! Interpret the story in your words and actions! Tell your story!


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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