Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Artists in Today’s World ~ Clara Gordon Bow

Acknowledging Clara Gordon (Bow)

 They give me the script. It’s not a great script. It’s a B movie at best and I don’t like the title, TI, for Travel Insurance. The idea is I work for a private security firm and cover high-profile celebs who tour the US, rock stars and 15 minute fame types making it while they can. I’m the Travel Insurance.

I’m it.

They call me TI on the set and one morning, we’re shooting outside and the script’s on a table. I go over to take a look at it and the sun hits it at a strange angle. I pick up a glass of water and when I look back at the script, I look through the glass of water. And when I look at it, I see the title page, letters in boldface, capitalized, reversed in the refraction from the water and the angle of the sun.

And I see it, the title and in boldfaced, capitalized letters, reversed, inverted, the TI becomes IT.

I get a bit weak, want to sit down, feel a rush. IT, I say to myself. A simple word but with power inside me. I’m somehow connected to IT.

It, I say again and when I feel myself wanting to say, I am IT, and when I say it, I am IT, it’s like an explosion inside of me and I begin to remember. I’m not TI. I’m IT.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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