Daily Micro: NEW SERIES ~ Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Chief Seattle

In Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World, Stephen J. Bergstrom gives creative voice to visionary souls in process of awakening.

Through imaginative device, Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World reveals two contrasting visions that shape contemporary existence.

In one, conquerors traverse the world as a series of endless privileges secured through material means and patriarchal oppression.

In the other, conquered and oppressed individuals and groups perceive that consciousness animates nature, humanity and the spirit of a Living Earth.

~ ~ ~

Acknowledging Chief Seattle (See-atch in Lushootseed)

And now comes the time of the dead. As my people slip away, as our histories become myth we grow strong. The white man is not alone.

My people love the earth, the valleys and the rivers, the plains and the mountains, the rocks and the animals and when we pass from your world, we return, we come at night, we come in the silent moments, when your cities and your villages sleep, then we come.

And now there are more of us, all of us who have departed, those you have sent away with your cannons and guns, and we come.

We love this land and we are not powerless for the dead possess power and we come.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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