Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ The People of the Island

In Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World, Stephen J. Bergstrom gives creative voice to visionary souls in process of awakening.

Through imaginative device, Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World reveals two contrasting visions that shape contemporary existence.

In one, conquerors traverse the world as a series of endless privileges secured through material means and patriarchal oppression.

In the other, conquered and oppressed individuals and groups perceive that consciousness animates nature, humanity and the spirit of a Living Earth.

~ ~ ~

Acknowledging The People of the Island upon sighting the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria

Looking back, I see us on the island that day. We went into the water after we honored the brothers we would take. The fish were healthy and our families waited for us to return.

None of us spoke of the vision and the instructions that our grandfathers received on the shores after the waters that covered the earth receded. We feared the vision. We feared that we had not followed the instructions and that the vision would come true.

Terrible dreams would come to us and, in councils, some of us argued that we should follow the instructions that the one with the planting stick gave us, the one with the scar across his face from whom we chose the smallest ear of corn.

But where had our people gone?

Had any of us fulfilled the instructions after he placed us into four groups and told us to go separate directions, to the north, the south, the east and the west and to meet him at the end of our journeys at the place the four directions united?

Had any of us completed our journeys? Had some of us settled before we passed the wall of ice to the north? Had others, like us, fallen in love with the islands?

Would spirit protect us? What of our older brothers who took the larger ears of corns? Did they cross the oceans? Would they return? Did they complete their ways?

I remember the night. Something different, a scent of wood and unwashed men, came with the breezes, something we had never smelled before, something coming across the oceans.

There in the bay stood three ships. They had come and this terrible vision that we dreamed came with them and every one us knew that death would abound and that the vision we feared would claim the land.

And that fear, that dreadful fear that we spoke of in council, that we sensed when we took bounty from the sea, that we sensed would bring our good lives to an end, dominates minds and we have become forgotten people.

But there is more to the vision and those of us who returned to the place where the four directions unite keep the vision and though alive in your world, they are forgotten to you.

Even now, the dreadful fear opposes them and there are not many who remain who follow the instructions that the one with the planting stick and the scar across his face gave to us.

When there are no more of us, the dreadful fear will become your world.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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