Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Queen Isabella

In Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World, Stephen J. Bergstrom gives creative voice to visionary souls in process of awakening.

Through imaginative device, Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World reveals two contrasting visions that shape contemporary existence.

In one, conquerors traverse the world as a series of endless privileges secured through material means and patriarchal oppression.

In the other, conquered and oppressed individuals and groups perceive that consciousness animates nature, humanity and the spirit of a Living Earth.

~ ~ ~

Acknowledging Queen Isabella (Isabella I Queen of Castile and León)

Many of you don’t know the condition of Europe during my time. When I ascended to the throne in 1474, the continent was in disarray. Our coinage stock bare, our mines played out. To conduct trade we relied upon the worn remnants of the Roman Empire. Our coins were chipped, cracked and unusable, centuries-old, battle-scarred, our abilities to produce and exchange goods perverse.

We were a continent in death spiral, disease, filth and fatality everywhere.

In my personal life, hope prevailed. Pius II, by Papal Bull, authorized and made holy my marriage in 1469 to my 3rd cousin, Ferdinand of Aragon. By prenuptuals, we agreed to reign in “tanto monta, monta tanto”. We would share power. And we have since.

The moment that would define our reign appeared before us in 1491 at the siege of Granada which we sought from the Moors to unify our kingdom. When our war camp burned to the ground by accidental fire, we rebuilt with stone in the shape of the Cross. Once we regained Granada, I dedicated my life to the Cross that saved us from defeat.

At once, I turned myself to the task of reclaiming the continent’s coinage stock for without coins to conduct trade, our peoples were doomed. When Cristobal Colon, known to you in his anglicized name as Christopher Columbus, proposed we fund his efforts to raid the mines of Old Cathay (known now as China), we knew that with the Cross we would triumph.

For those reasons, we provided ample motivation – a position as Admiral, governorship over all lands upon which he tread, ten percent of all profits, the right to make slaves, to convert all to the Cross and bounty upon all heads.

With the Cross, he set forward to make land not as he anticipated in Old Cathay but upon the vast unknown. At home, Ferdinand set upon his adventure in dedication to the Cross – to make all of one faith through the Great Inquisition.

When I heard of the torture and murder of the aborigines on the far away land by Cristobal’s hand and of the peoples on my own continent by Inquisition, my heart shuddered but a moment. With great progress comes great pain.

Though Cristobal’s initial discoveries were of little consequence, though his initial voyages yielded little but slaves and death, we gained a foothold in the new land from whence, in time, would come forth gold and the silver mines at Potosi, the replenishment of our coinage stock, the rise of our great Doubloon and Pieces of Eight and our return to greatness.

As I glance downward, I am more convinced than ever that our vision is the one and true vision. I see much sorrow – evidence of the great progress of our intent – but yet much more to be done. I will not rest until Ferdinand’s great work is accomplished – to convert all to the Cross with penalty of Inquisition to those who resist in the knowledge that all costs be paid until we subdue the earth and all inhabitants to our vision.

To that end, I continue at my task and willingly intercept souls to turn them with purpose and mission to our greatness!


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom

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