Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Irenaeus

In Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World, Stephen J. Bergstrom gives creative voice to visionary souls in process of awakening.

Through imaginative device, Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World reveals two contrasting visions that shape contemporary existence.

In one, conquerors traverse the world as a series of endless privileges secured through material means and patriarchal oppression.

In the other, conquered and oppressed individuals and groups perceive that consciousness animates nature, humanity and the spirit of a Living Earth.

~ ~ ~

Acknowledging Irenaeus (Bishop of Lugdunum/Gaul)

For the Gnostics believed, as seers, that from her passions, the aeon Sophia became the earth. Her innate yearning to return to Source produced life and living beings, her tears, all waters, all light from her smile and from her grief, all perplexity and sorrow.

Inculcated as these beliefs were, the gospel could never ascend and so I set about in Against Heresies to rectify all matters. Christ, and only Christ, would reign. Nature would be damned and man would triumph over the earth.

In all manners patriarchal, the Church would become supreme.

And so, don’t pity destruction, death and the ravaging of nature. The earth must recede for Christ to return for only in Christ will man be perfected and the earth no more.

With vigor, carry the great work forward. Take all that is hers and the divine light will shine upon you.


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom

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