Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Clipping

Acknowledging Clipping

As the secret art, I take a piece of everything. In olden days, I hid in coinage stock. To pay my due, my servants would replace valuable metals, originally coined, with lesser metals. I clipped the coins. I extracted value.

I hated lawful weights and measures and all sovereigns. I hated law. Who could have power over me? Sovereignty and law would die! By weighing coins that contained less weighty metals, my subterfuge could be discovered.

What of the weight? To whom had the more valuable metals matriculated? Into my hands.

I perverted the law and made paper currencies.  Sovereignty expired at my altar. There would be no weight with paper currencies. A dollar bill would weigh the same as a hundred dollar bill.

I made legal code. You must use my paper currencies. All other currencies are illegal, counterfeit.

You see the opportunities, don’t you? I take with impunity. I have a piece of everything. I hide in paper currency. You can’t find me in paper. You only see my effects when I would collect for my collections destroy economies.

I am compound interest. From me, there is no escape. Some of you know. In your confused state, even today some of you know.

John Le Carre, the novelist knows. Think carefully about his famous work Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy. Think of what he had a colleague deep in M16 tell his protagonist, George Smiley;

“Do you know what is killing Western democracy, George? Greed. And constipation; moral, political, aesthetic. I hate America deeply. The economic repression of the masses institutionalized. Even Lenin couldn’t foresee the extent of that.”

Can you see me? Don’t you understand I’ve become institutionalized? I am part of you. I’m in your every transaction, your every thought, your every calculation. You pay me and pay me and pay me.

Look, look. Look at me at work in Detroit;

“Officials say the Detroit Institute of Arts’ collection could be sold to help satisfy creditors if the financially troubled city of Detroit seeks bankruptcy protection.

Bill Nowling, a spokesman for state-appointed emergency manager says Kevyn Orr, says Orr is considering whether the collection should be considered city assets that could be sold to cover Detroit’s long-term debt. The debt is estimated at more than $14 billion.” Fox Detroit

I take art, I take homes, I take and take and take and, but for the few, none of you see me. You blame management, you blame government, you blame the weather.

But I’m here. I am always with you, silently taking.

I own the earth. Nothing can stop me!


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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