Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ The British Law of 1666

Acknowledging The British Law of 1666

How dare you find me!

How dare you know that in the year 1666, by the hand of King Charles II, I enact 18 Charles II c.5, by which the Dutch East India Company can import gold and silver from the Americas and can order my government to melt the same gold and silver without charge into bullion for export to foreign countries.

How dare you know that under the power of 18 Charles II, c.5, private shareholders in the Dutch East India Company order the government to place the sovereign’s official seal on private bullion and order the government to make the same private bullion, in any amount, into coins and place Charles’ seal on resulting private coinage stocks throughout the world.

And how dare you know that the same private individuals, without fear of retribution, lend state-sealed coins into circulation, issued with compound interest, upon receipt of collateral throughout the world.

And how dare you know that by such acts, aristocracy in the person of Charles II surrender for all time the time-tested monarchical prerogative (spending currency into circulation without interest) to an amalgamation of usurers, London merchants and StrongRoom Keepers.

And how dare you know that I am transformed into contemporary worldwide legal code, the basis of the worldwide currency system and rule without reproach through central banks in partnership with banker-owned corporations disguised as governments, religions and media!


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom



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