Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Cannupa Wakan (The Sacred Pipe)

Acknowledging Cannupa Wakan

For I am the sacred pipe, the earth your mother and grandmother, and like the earth my bowl is made of red stone, curved and round, one side the White Buffalo Calf to honor the 4-leggeds, my stem made of wood to represent all that grows upon the earth, my twelve feathers to call to your mind the eagles and all winged creatures and all of life joined with you when you smoke the pipe which will carry your voices and words to the ears of the Great Spirit who has given you a red day and a red road and a red stone upon which you will find seven circles that represent seven sacred ceremonies that you will know and practice.

In time, the hoop that binds your way of life and your people will be broken. In a great vision, one shall come who will see the hoop broken.

Fear not for upon your passing, you will see another hoop that forms without your knowing through your intent and your dreams and hopes and your voices and words that I will carry for you to the ears of the Great Spirit.

And I will be with you in grim times when folly sweeps the land and you will see me at Green Grass in the place they call Cheyenne River.


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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