Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Potosi


Acknowledging The Book and Acknowledging  Potosi


Acknowledging Potosi

For I am the mountain that knows. For all the mountains know the story of the younger and elder brother.

In 1462, Huayna Capac, the 11th Sapa Inca, ordered his vassals to take arobas of silver from me. My brother and sister mountains described the sadness that became the far-away land over the oceans.

Disavowing the goddess, they plunged into an other-world religion whose god demanded gold and silver in worship.

To replenish trade and to prepare themselves for the Great Day, they would find my treasures.

Though I sheltered the younger brother, The Great Day awaited.

As the Sapa’s vassals climbed and probed my hills with reinforced wood and flint, as they dug veins along my flanks, I spoke.

To them I said in a thunderous voice that shook the ground and that rose to my heights in the clouds, 13,420 feet above the waters;

“Do not take the silver from this hill, because it is destined for other masters.”

When the vassals returned to tell my words to the King, they said Potocsi in their language when they told him of my great thunder. Wait then, he said. We shall wait for the other masters.

And they would come in 1492, and they would begin to take my silver in 1545 and they would remake trade and they would name me Potosi for they were the elder brother.

And now in Bolivia, I wait with my brother and sister mountains for the younger and elder brother and the Great Day.

 ~ ~ ~

Acknowledging The Book

I am the Power behind The Book, the Torah, The Koran, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Rig Vedas, the written word, the written words, the written words by which the Supreme Almighty, by which the gods, from outside the galaxy, communicate, instruct and penalize.

From my words, religions and religious practices flow.

I am also Dianetics and the New Age and the Catholic Catechism and voices of priests and pastors, popes and archbishops, mullahs and ayatollahs, rabbis and holy men, authors and poets.

In my name, by my authority, all shall be One.

I am above all and there shall be no other than me. All shall bow unto me for I am the Power and the Earth shall be mine and all upon the Earth shall be mine!

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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