Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Edith Bolling Wilson

Acknowledging Edith Bolling Wilson

He was incapacitated and had become a fool and I ran the place, Colonel House and I.

I felt like I was boiling, that I’d taken on much. In the airy back and forth, I’m going to try again.

Up and up and up, I went. For me, not a tunnel of light but a smoky corridor filled with wizards and strange beasts that made me scared.

I had become this? Had I strayed so far from my purpose, my intent that my dreams became theirs? When I tried to escape, I remembered other lives, other places.

In one, I was a tree, early on, before the men came and we birthed life, animals and fish out of our tree bellies and we were at peace.

Trees and plants and water and crawling things came out of her and in our roots we were connected with one another, in a web that pulsed and communicated under the ground, as if we were a part of her brain and we knew what she dreamed and we dreamed her dream.

That is what I strayed from. The temptation was great and I fell into that life, into Washington, into the Capitol, into that experience and under my hand, the world became no different. Woodrow brought the Federal Reserve and I forgot my roots and my connectiveness when his mind slowed and made the world come through me.

In trying to protect him, I became another. They called me the 1st Female President of the United States.

I became like the men who drifted down from Orion, the first hunters who landed on the earth, on her and who changed not. Through the eyes of the conqueror, I saw all things. The temptation is that great.

There are others like me, women in other lives who drifted, who fell under the sway of the wizards that inflamed our minds.

In the airy space again, we connect to our roots and we plan and we dream and we will return and we will dream another world and, looking down, I see changes. Auric fields move when she manifests new vibrations and energies into her atmosphere.

Very subtly, she remembers, she recollects her identity, enjoys awakening, calls out to her animal brothers and sisters, to her plant brothers and sisters and to those who hear her.

After all, she is a goddess and she can do as she pleases and when I return, I will keep my bearings and fuse my energies with hers in the change that comes upon the Earth.

No power can defeat her and only fools that choose to lose their way, dare try.


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom

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