Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Alope

Acknowledging Alope

For I was the first wife of Goyakla, the one you know as Geronimo of the Bedonkohe band, the Apache. I was of the Nedni band and he gave many ponies to my father for my hand.

We were border people and we traded with Chihuahua. When Colonel Carrasco accused us of theft, we did not recognize the consequences. With thundering horses and lances he came against our women and children and Goyakla lost his mother, our children and me.

He would be lonely and married many times and fought the Mexicans and they gave him the name Geronimo and he fought the United States for years.

Though the Bedonkohe cease to exist, we remain strong in spirit and watch over the land Usen gave us. As you face your upcoming battles, we know you will call us on us for we are the stewards and our ways and our great leader are wise and we prepare medicine for your minds.


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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