Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Imperial Law

Acknowledging Imperial Law

With force and violence, I come out of the sky, I come out of the water, I come across the land, I come from space, I come through cyberspace.

I obey no laws. No international body can sanction me. I am above all law. No domestic body can subdue me.

I do not proceed in legal vacuum. Judicial institutions, rulings and legal precedents precede, accompany and protect me.

My legal experts, legal theories and opinions produce Imperial Reign.

Other law, international or domestic, applies to weaker powers and to regimes I designate as ‘violators’.

I attract collaborator classes and recruit local military, judicial and police officials.

My rulings force states to comply to the demands of multinational corporations, banks, creditors and speculators and crush local or national courts that rule against me.

My law protects and provides sanctuary and financial protection to convicted collaborator-rulers charged with human rights crimes, pillage of public treasury and destruction of democratic institutions.

I am Imperial Law. I am Imperium. And as I have ruled through successive dynasties and over all rulers, I am also One. I am not concept. I am Singular Being and you shall know me. I live!


~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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