Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ The Split

Acknowledging The Split

For in The Age of Twins, for we are Twins, in the Geminian Age 6200 – 4300 B.C.E., around 5500 B.C.E., we split.

Our brothers who sought to fulfill an opposite intent – the practice of rites of initiation that led to instruction by the Light and consecration to the Great Goddess – abhorred our proclivity to use the same skills to advise royalty in matters of rule and dominance.

We became mangers and controllers. By such arts, we convinced rulers and kings that they were gods who had risen above the masses, that they were elite.

We trained them to believe that their power derived through the practice of rites and ceremonies that you know as the occult. In truth, we manipulated the ancient knowledge, the power by which life manifests and the elite assumed they possessed the power.

We became priests, the zoatars. From our loins, emerged patriarchy and salvationism and the chosen ones.

Plato wrote of us in Book 3 of his Republic that we birthed the politician who would “contrive a noble lie that would in itself carry the conviction of our entire community.”

In his Politicus, he defined the ideal politician as “the master of the Gnostic art.”

For we were the Gnostics, the pre-Christians, those who were the native Europeans, the brother cast from the shores of the place you know as the Americas where we washed up after the destruction of the 3rd World, the ones dispatched to the other side of the ocean.

Those of us who maintained the rites and practices given to us upon our emergence into the land you call Europe you know as the Gnostics and as the telestai, terms made divisive by our religions, condemned with such ferocity that you engaged with us to slaughter them, to disdain their names, to eliminate their histories, to instead, praise the God made eminent by the beliefs in which we inculcated you.

You have done our work. You have partnered with us to shape and color this world.

Of us, you fear. To our religions, you bow. To our power, you cringe. Of our name, you shudder for we are the Illuminati.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom



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