Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ The Day

Acknowledging The Day

As commonly known by the native peoples of Turtle Island (currently known as North America);

Hopi Prophecy – The Great Purification

On March 27, 2001, Hopi Elder Chief Dan Evehema gave this message to humanity;

“We Hopi believe that the human race has passed through three different worlds and life ways since the beginning. At the end of each prior world, the Great Spirit or Massau has purified human life. The last great destruction was the flood which destroyed all but a few who asked and received permission from the Great Spirit to live with Him in this new land.

…Now we are at the very end of our trail. Many people no longer recognize the true path of the Great Spirit. They have, in fact, no respect for the Great Spirit or for our precious Mother Earth, who gives us all life.

“We are instructed in our ancient prophecy that this would occur.”

On July 28, 2013, Grandmother Standing Bear, a Metisse elder who lives in Northern New Mexico, wrote in The Taos News;

“We know, and have known for a very long time, about what will happen during the time of the Great Cleansing, of the Earth Changes.

…We have survived the conquest, we have survived having most of our land taken away by successive ways of European immigrants. And we will continue to survive.

It seems that if our land is never returned to us, Earth Mother will see to it that we get it back in an altered and cleansed and healed state.

There is always a remnant of the human populace who manages to survive the Great Cleansing. So some of us will survive. And we will have our land returned to us, in a cleansed and healed state.”

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom

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