Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Bubble Art

Acknowledging Bubble Art

For we are the marketmakers, those that transform artists into commercial entities and in a million years, though our name is familiar to some of you, you will never know our identities or our purposes.

For we are the Bilderbergers, not the shadowy enclave of internationalists and policy makers that meet annually, not those whom you believe steer the world but instead we are honest, hardworking marketmakers of art.

Look at the name by which we are known;

“Bilderberger” is a German word that means, “picture merchant”.

Now, consider our function;

We are businesspeople, we are internationalists who have for centuries used paintings and art as means to store wealth, as a hedge against the inevitable results of your use of our currency, the booms and busts such use must, by nature, manifest.


To us, art is a convenient and compact means to store and to transport our wealth from one country to another.

And so we love art and our artists. We encourage you to become wealthy, to live extravagantly, to paint lovely pictures, to create controversies for we are picture merchants and we create markets for your art and for our convenience.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom

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