Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ The Mystery Schools

Acknowledging The Mystery Schools

Before the rise of patriarchy, we taught taught the arts, the nature of the gods, the unseen worlds, cosmology, anthropology, medicine, history, philosophy, literature.

In our world, Druids from Scotland conversed with Etruscan seers from Italy and Egyptian priests at Luxor and with Indian Brahmins and Buddhist monks.

Our schools ranged throughout Europa and extended into the Mediterranean regions, into the Levant and North Africa, in Libya, Italy, Turkey, the Balkans, Iberia, Ireland, and the British Isles as far north as the Orkney Islands.   

We filled the libraries, the Biblos in Lebanon and Alexandria in Egypt, with hundreds of thousands of texts and made Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa peaceful, cultured and prosperous, all of our work dedicated to the Magna Mater, the Great Goddess, the Earth Mother;

 Birth of Earth, by Sophia Breillat


And in your world, we live in your intuition. We come to you in your dreams, in your art, in your music and if you look closely, you will see we abound in your hearts.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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