Daily Micro: Yesterday’s Visionaries in Today’s World ~ Kali Yuga

Acknowledging Acknowledging Kali Yuga

For I am Kali;



“My child, you need not know much in order to please Me.
Only Love Me dearly.
Speak to me, as you would talk to your mother,
if she had taken you in her arms.”

My Name: I devour Kala (time) and embody three gunas (qualities of nature);

Sattva (goodness and purity)

Rajas (passion and activity) and

Tamas (ignorance and inertia)

My Complexion: Deep blue, like the sky. As the sky is limitless, so I am.

My Crescent: I give liberation.

My Smiling Face: I am ever-blissful in my work.

My Teeth: I am sattva or serenity.

My Tongue: I am astonished in rajas, by my fearsome activity.

My Terrible Form: I am Goddess and Mother of the Universe and I am destroyer. I discipline.

My Necklace: Composed of fifty skulls that represent the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, the origin of sound. I am Shabda Brahman (Sound-Brahman) or Logos-the source of creation.

My Two Right Arms: My upper right arm grants fearlessness, my lower right arm offers boons. I protect My children from danger. I fulfill desires.

My Two Left Arms: I hold a severed head with my upper left arm. I cut human bondage with the sword of knowledge and impart wisdom and waste nothing with my lower arm.

My Waist: My girdle of severed human arms represents human actions. At the end of an Age, all souls merge with me. During creation, souls experience human paths.

Shiva under My feet: Shiva, the changeless aspect of the Supreme, is pure cosmic consciousness, and I am cosmic energy. Neither creation nor destruction is possible without us.

And this is my Age and your 4th World;

Satya Yuga (Golden Age): 4000 years + 400 years dawn + 400 years twilight = 4800 years/7400 BC

Treta Yuga (Silver Age): 3000 years + 300 years dawn + 300 years twilight = 3600 years/2600 BC

Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age): 2000 years + 200 years dawn + 200 years twilight = 2400 years/1000 AD

Kali Yuga (Iron Age): 1000 years + 100 years dawn + 100 years twilight = 1200 years/2216 AD

And the end of your age in which I will separate you from your ego, in which you will connect with much sorrow to your source selves, in which you will experience error and conflict, in which misguided perception will accelerate disaster, in which your distance from source will expand and shrink, in which time will cease, in which I shall destroy, in which you will return to source, in which you will reconcile with pure cosmic consciousness and to me and in which I will console you and empower you to renew your human paths.

~ Stephen J. Bergstrom


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