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Interview with Scott Stevens: Weaponizing the Weather

In preparation for writing my first screenplay (Earth Changes) and accompanying novels, a trilogy (Earth Changes, Winter Solstice, and Blue Star Kachini), I conducted extensive research that included ancient texts, alternative theories, oral histories and seeming myths. In that process, I engaged in the following interview.

Follow along to discover the source of weather forecasting, the costs to deviate and the effects of little known phenomena in the sky. You also may be surprised to know the identity of the purchaser who subsequently bought The Weather Channel in 2011. Though I don’t provide that info in the following, a little research on your own will provide results. (What better gambit than to make the weather and then to tell us about the weather you created, every day, every night — news, weather and sports.)

About Scott Stevens

Award-winning former TV weatherman, founder of WeatherWars.info, frequent guest on radio talk shows, host of his own nationally syndicated radio show, intimately acquainted with Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden (retired), Ph.D., M.S. Nuclear Engineering who has acknowledged the use the environmental electromagnetic weapons in papers and classified briefings and with Bernard Eastlund, the physicist whose work acted as the foundation to create HAARP (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), under the command of the U.S. Navy and currently used to burn holes in the ionosphere, to alter weather and to condition mental processes.

Pre-Interview Notes

On Tuesday, November 16, 2010, I conducted an initial ninety-minute interview with Scott Stevens via phone. After a long career in mainstream media, Scott has relocated to Colorado and was in his home in the southwest portion of the state.

In preparation, I listened to a two-hour radio interview Scott gave the previous Friday (11-12-10), poured through his website and studied a long battery of photos he’s released that demonstrate the existence of chemtrails.

First noticed in the late 90’s, chemtrails are not be to be confused with jet trails emitted by commercial airlines.  To the contrary, low-flying, non-commercial, non-military aircraft lace the globe with seeming toxics whose dispersal produces the aptly named chemtrails whose points of origination and purpose remain undisclosed.

As we progress in the interview, Scott offers a startling theory to explain possible origination and purpose. In addition, he provides valuable resources necessary to further ground the story arc of my thesis project.

Because of sensitivities, we agreed not to record the interview. As a result, I took extensive notes that I have faithfully reproduced in the following.


SB (Stephen J. Bergstrom): To begin, can you recap your career in weather? I know you got started when you were quite young.

SS (Scott Stevens): I did. At about age 11. I always wanted to do something in the air, be a pilot, an air traffic controller or possibly in weather.

SB: As I recall, your love of weather led you to become an eagle scout.

SS: It did. It did. I did a project in my scouting program that had to do with observing the weather and one thing led to another, and I became proficient in understanding the weather. Along the way, I became an eagle scout.

SB: How about your schooling?

SS: University of Kansas. I was in the communications department. I actually went to Kansas because I could combine meteorology and communications. Early on, I decided I wanted to be in front of an audience. So I took the classes and did the time and when I graduated, I started in weather.

SB: And you were in weather for…

SS: 1986 -2005.

SB: Why do you think you never learned about weather modification prior to your own exploration? What did they teach you in school?

SS: (pause) They just don’t know. The educational system doesn’t really grasp how drastically weather’s been changed. When I was in school, we were taught to serve audiences. Snow for the ski resort and drought for the farmers. At the time, I thought the skiers and the resort owners and farmers and business were the audience. We were taught to tell stories that have nothing to do with weather. We were telling stories to benefit someone else. Weathermen are storytellers.

SB: So who were you telling stories for? Who controls the weather forecasting business?

SS: Guidance comes from D.C. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration controls all forecasting.


SS: Yep. NOAA has all the resources, the satellites, the data. That’s what was so frustrating. I could never get the data.

SB: What did you get? How does it work? How does NOAA keep the data from you?

SS: That’s part of the problem. They don’t get us any data. If you really watch mainstream news and the 10 o’clock weather, and really watch, you’ll see that there’s no science. It’s all a story. The graphics have gotten so good that you think you’re watching science. You’re not. You’re watching a story. There’s no data. Science has been systematically eliminated.

SB: So NOAA sends you what…

SS: The GFS, the Global Forecast System. NOAA communicates with the newsroom, not with the weathermen. We get two forecasts per day that have been interpreted by another arm of NOAA – the Hydro Meteorological Center – and forwarded to the newsroom. The newscasters tell the front end of the story and then we carry the ball.

SB: So the local newscaster and forecasters follow a script…

SS: Except in instances of extreme weather. Most stations have their own radar. The trick is we can’t use our own radar unless the weather is extreme.

SB: So you’re saying that the standard everyday forecast emanates from NOAA.

SS: That’s right. Across the board. New York to LA.

SB: And that you as a local weatherman have no ability to deviate from that forecast…

SS: No, no, we can deviate. It’s on our ass if we screw up.

SB: So if you look outside and see a big bank of snow clouds bearing down on you when NOAA says there isn’t any snow in the forecast, and if you tell your audiences to watch out for snow and there isn’t any, you’re in trouble.

SS:  Yes and no. If I say one thing and NOAA says another and I get it right and NOAA gets it wrong, I’m okay. If it’s the opposite, I say this and NOAA says that, and NOAA gets it right, then I’m in deep trouble.

SB: So it pays not to deviate.

SS: I’ll give you an example. I was the number two guy on a station in Tulsa when I first began to notice the chemtrails. I did two shows a day, that’s two forecasts a day and I began to deviate based on what I saw in the chemtrails. Gary, the lead guy, started to burn. Our forecasts didn’t match. When he said 80% chance of snow and wind, I said 20% or 40% and I was right and he was wrong and he was getting burned. Anyway, unknown to me, he used one of the staffers to do a statistical analysis of our forecasts over a six month period. Out of fourteen possible weekly forecasts, two per day, seven days a week, over six months, I was right twelve times, and he was right only twice. Multiplied over six months.

SB: But he was safe…

SS: His job was very secure.

SB: Is that when you first began to be aware of the effects of chemtrails?

SS: Actually, it was in 1998/1999, when NOAA was getting everything wrong in the Pacific. Nothing made sense. Their forecasts were always wrong and the effects multiplied as the fronts moved onto the mainland.

SB: Tell me more…

SS: If the weather is wholly thermodynamic, then the models should always get it right. But they don’t. Interference has to originate elsewhere. In weather, that can only mean from one of two places — electromagnetic or etheric. Light can’t travel through a vacuum but can through the ethers. I’ve studied forecasting for a long time and I know the ethers exist. Someone or something is using electromagnetic energy to transform the ethers and that’s why we don’t have any real weather anymore. We have stories.

SB: The ancient philosophers always included the ethers as one of the elements.

SS: Have you read Trevor James Constable?

SB: I haven’t.

SS: He’s right on. Get his books. Read his books. He understands the ethers and the etheric relationship to weather. And read Wilhelm Reich and about orgone energy. You’ll never think of weather the same if you read Constable’s Loom of the Future. This stuff is so real that you’ll realize that all we get are stories.

SB: Will do and will get back to you once I tackle Constable. Is that okay?

SS: Fine. Great.

SB: This might be the place to talk about what’s in the chemtrails.

SS: Aluminum, barium oxide, primarily.

SB: Did you happen to see the video that G. Edward Griffin did on the effects of the aluminum on naturally recurring plants?

SS: I didn’t but I can imagine.

SB: Griffin says the GMO seeds and plants are aluminum-resistant. Chemtrails kill-off naturally-recurring plants.

SS: That’s like Bill 510.

SB: The Safe Food Act?

SS: No more backyard gardens, farmer’s markets. Hello Monsanto.

SB: And they named that guy from Monsanto as the Food Czar.

SS: They’ll own all the food.

SB: On Kerry’s Show, you mentioned that to organize and administer and manage chemtrails requires a covert command and control that pre-empts, military, commercial and civilian aviation.

SS: Absolutely. They can’t have big rogue planes flying at low-speed. It’d be like a semi going twenty, thirty miles an hour on the LA Freeway. These babies only go three hundred, three hundred and fifty miles per hour and at altitudes below twenty thousand, sometimes as low as 14, 15,000 criss-crossing the sky. And they can’t be connected to commercial and civilian aviation because their transponders would go off when air traffic pinged them. And they’re not restricted to any country. They go anywhere they want. They respond to a separate command and control.

SB: So it’s a coordinated multi-national operation.

SS: 100%. And another thing. There’s got to be hundreds and thousands of personnel engaged in the effort, logging flight plans, coordinating grid coverage, fueling, loading, debriefing. It’s a big operation. I mean, it’s the entire globe they’re covering.

SB: Have you seen any of the planes?

SS: Let me ask you. Do you know what a Lockheed Martin Triangular Ship looks like?

SB: Tell me.

SS: From what people have told me, they’re bigger on the inside than on the outside. What looks like 100 ft on the outside is six football fields long and wide on the inside.

SB: you’re saying …

SS: We might be dealing with off-planet technology, with off-planet beings.

SB: What about Bernard Eastlund? You interviewed him didn’t you?

SS: Sweet man. He was very guarded.

SB: Out of his work came HAARP.

SS: He told me that he wanted that work to provide free energy to all human beings. But he knew his purposes could be co-opted by the military-industrial complex and the forces behind them. The bankers that profit in war. Six weeks later he was dead.

SB: How did he die?

SS: I interviewed him in November 2007. He didn’t make it to the New Year. His son said it was a sudden and massive cardiac arrest. They’re good at those things.

SB: What about you? Anyone come after you?

SS: I’ve never signed an NDA nor done any military. They could care less about me. Anything I say can be drowned by the mainstream.

SB: Do you think HAARP acts as a source of electromagnetic disturbances or do you think it’s a front?

SS: Meaning the real stuff happens elsewhere.

SB: Right. Everybody talks about HAARP and the Federal Reserve. The bankers themselves are discrediting the Fed. Could HAARP be the same way?  A place to focus attention while they do stuff with the other hand.

SS: I think so. They can do whatever they want. They have no jurisdiction.

SB: So Jesse Ventura flies up to Alaska and does a show on HAARP and meanwhile they keep burning holes in the ionosphere from Poker Flats.

SS: Very, very likely. I can tell you this. They make hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts. You name it. They can make it. Snow, flooding, sudden hail, torrential rain, eruptions. They’ve got the technology to make us think the way they want and they can show anything they want in the sky. Like Blue Beam. You know about Blue Beam?

SB: The holographic projections?

SS: That’s it. The Big Show in the Sky coming to theaters everywhere.

SB: We’re going on but I want to ask you about DUMB’s, Deep Underground Military Bases.

SS: Absolutely exist. One of my business partners was in the Air Force and he was appointed to Shelter Management at a DUMB.

SB: How many are there?

SS: More than a hundred. When he got the job, they told him everything. About the Annauki. About how they’ve been here all this time and what they’re planning. When his time was up, he got out of there.

SB: Had he seen them?

SS: He had.

SB: What about the magneto-leviton trains?

SS: He rode in them. It’s a whole different world down there.

SB: Another separate command and control.

SS:  Probably part of the same overarching deal.

SB: Did he say anything about the underground prep for the politicos and high-up civilians?

SS: All in motion. They’re building furiously.

SB: So they’re all getting out of dodge.

SS: They’re expecting a geophysical show.

SB: Where do you stand on 2012?

SS: I think something major is going to happen.

SB: Are you familiar with Paul LaViolette?

SS: He says it’s not 2012 but later, 2034 through 2038.

SB: If so …

SS: 2012 is the perfect time to simulate the effects of a galactic wave. They can do that with their technology.

SB: What does Tom Bearden say? I know you’ve interviewed him as well.

SS: Very high-level. Difficult to read. I get a feeling that he’s a big-time gatekeeper that’s there to find opposition, anyone bright with a future that they can corrupt.

SB: How? How would they corrupt someone?

SS: Lead them into the inside. Like what they do with politicians. The world’s yours. You can do whatever you want. We’ll put your names on books and your face on camera and here you can have this babe. Oh, forgot to tell you. We’ve got these pictures now and if you don’t do what we say, well, your constituents would love to know about your extracurricular activities.

SB: Old as the books. What’s the purpose of chemtrails?

SS: They’re digitizing the weather and they’re marking a grid over the entire planet.

SB: Did you see The Hurt Locker?

SS: Great film.

SB: Remember how they referred to geographic points in Iraq by grid numbers? They’d made the entire country a battlefield designated by grids.

SS: They’ve done the same thing with the sky. The sky’s a battlefield.

SB: Who’s fighting with whom?

SS: I’ve studied this for years. Here’s my best guess. Chemtrails is all about surveillance, understanding the present condition of the weather and preparing to deal with the population.

SB: Please share more …

SS: Remember when I described the three layers to weather – the wholly thermodynamic, the electromagnetic and the etheric. When I say etheric, think spiritual. The only thing preventing takeover of the earth is the etheric, the invisible spiritual forces. They’ve conquered the thermodynamic and the electromagnetic but they can’t get a handle on the etheric. They can’t find the spiritual that’s holding everything together.

There’s really two layers to this. Controlling the planet with unseen electromagnetic weapons and searching for pockets of spiritual resistance. You’ve got to remember who’s behind this. They don’t understand spirit. But they’re trying.

By laying trails, they can find resistance. Like putting dye in a glass of water. They lay out these grids, kill off the plants, replace them with GMO’s and capture spirit. Whenever they find spirit that opposes them, wham, zap, they dump in the electro-magnetic to kill off or to dumb down resistance. In other words, they use the chemtrails to derail spiritual progress or to make sure spiritual conforms to their purposes.

SB: Are you saying the chemtrails allow them to see spirit?

SS: Yes. Like looking through a filter, they can pick up spiritual vibrations. Where those vibrations exist, they sense resistance or they use it as a laboratory. To find out how spirit works. That’s part of the reason I moved to the Four Corners. This whole area is sacred.

SB: And they want to control spirit?

SS: Spirit is the present condition of the weather, the true weather. Chemtrails and the global command and control war against spirit. Weather modification is ultimately about controlling spirit.

SB: Scott, you’ve given more than I could have imagined when we started our interview. I thank you and hope to be in your part of the state at sometime in the near future. Maybe we can spend an afternoon on my way through.

SS: Let’s do that.

SB: In the meantime, I’d like to get back to you with some possible follow-up.

SS: Any time.

SB: Thanks, Scott.



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